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St Florian's Soap

Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb

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Fizzy, Fun and Colorful Bath Bombs! Our Bath Bombs are long lasting super colorful and very fragrant!!


Citrus Breeze: An invigorating and juicy blend of: Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime and Orange with just a hint of floral notes. This fragrance is so good you'll want to eat it (but please don't) !

Eucalyptus and Mint: A revitalizing and refreshing scent that perfectly balances the green freshness of eucalyptus with the crisp coolness of peppermint

Gardenia: A delecate and enchanting scent that captures the essence of blooming gardenias. With top notes of fresh green leaves lead into a heart of creamy gardenia petals which is rounded out with lovely notes of sandalwood and white musk.

Honey Pear: A perfect blend of vanilla, honey, and succulent pear with a few subtle notes of ylang ylang.

Honeysuckle: This sweet, dainty and airy scent is a favorite among or customers! Soft and enchanting this scent perfectly captures blooming honeysuckle on a warm summer's day.

Hula: A wonderful blend of tropical plumeria and passionflower with juicy peach. This scent is just so fun!

Kauai: Picture yourself basking in the warm sandy beaches of Kauai. This scent combines the creamy essence of vanilla milk with the tropical notes of coconus and lush green leaves and just a hint of white lilies. You'll think you are at the beach everytime you use Kauai!

Lavender: Perfectly embodies a blooming lavender field. Charming and relaxing this scent will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

Lemon Blossom: Transport youself to lemon groves of California on a warm summer's day. This scent is a beautiful blend of bright and zesty lemon and delicate floral notes that leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated!

Lilac: Soft and delicate floral notes blend harmoniously with just the right amount of subtle green notes.

Malibu: A refreshing fragrance the perftly blends the essence of the ocean breeze mingling with costal greens and floral notes.

Maui: The tropical paradise of the Hawaiian islands in a jar! The scent is a perfect blend of warm plumeria, creamy gardenia, and exotic jasmine. This popular scent will leave you feeling like you are on the sunkissed beaches of Maui!

Raspberry Sorbet: A juciy blend of ripe raspberries and just a hint of vanilla for sweetness.

Vivian: Oh honey, get ready to bring the fire with Vivian! She is the sassiest floral around! With notes of pink pepper, juicy plum and deep black rose, she will leave you wanting more!

Waterlily: Escape to a serene warer garden with Waterlily. Sweet satsuma mandarin and fresh plum blend seemleslly with blooming peony and lotus for a refreshing and alluring scent.

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